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Episode 28
August 17, 2015 07:51 PM PDT
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"To My Donor: It's Not Your Fault": A donor-conceived individual grapples with the newfound understanding that the struggles faced in her or his life can no longer be placed upon the shoulders of her or his absent biological father.

"A Weird Kind of Closure": Following a message through Facebook, a donor-conceived child begins to secure a closure of sorts around her or himself.

"You Can Choose Your Friends, Not Your____": The mother of an egg-donor conceived child relates her difficulty with her infertility and the callousness with which some fertile parents treat the children they have.

"Proud, Loving donor Daddy": A sperm donor elucidates upon his specific process of donation and interaction with the recipient families, and the diversity with which his involvement in his children's lives is treated.

Episode 27
August 03, 2015 06:52 PM PDT
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In this episode there are five featured stories, including three donor-conceived perspectives; a former prospective parent who decided the 'savior mentality' of those who advocate the usage of anonymous embryos was not one that she maintained, nor one she supported; and lastly, a clinical psychologist in training elaborates on her empathy for and acknowledgement of the pain of donor-conceived children.

Episode 26
July 20, 2015 02:41 PM PDT
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This episode features five stories, three from donor-conceived individuals, one from a parent of two donor-conceived children, and one from a donor.

Diversity is prevalent within the perspectives of this episode, and emotions range from regret, to indignation, to sadness, to gratitude.

Episode 25
July 06, 2015 09:32 PM PDT
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There are a plentitude of stories in this episode, and, by a listener's request, all pertain exclusively to the varying experiences of children of same-sex unions.

Included are testimonies from children of gay and lesbian couples, and all, whether admonishing the carelessness of adults when predetermining a fate other than their own, or gratefully acknowledging the insistent and resilient love shown by homosexual parents, are not often perceived within mainstream society.

Episode 24
June 15, 2015 08:52 PM PDT
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Three poems are read, the first portraying a donor-conceived child's discontentment with the anonymity of her or his father.

The second illustrates the lack of acceptance within mainstream society of children lacking one parent.

And the third poem is written by a parent that joyously celebrates her son's arrival and rethinks the meaning of a poem she once wrote about him.

Episode 23
June 08, 2015 05:29 PM PDT
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"Did You Do It For The Money? Or The Concept?": A donor-conceived child questions not only the motives of her/his sperm donor, but also his morality.

"Giving the Gift of Life Abroad": A sperm donor narrates his experiences with donating to a couple in Thailand.

"Life is Incredible — However It Begins": An egg donor entreats donor-conceived children unhappy with their conception to be positive.

Episode 22
June 01, 2015 09:17 PM PDT
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Three stories, the first is of an intended parent that is not convinced of the virtues of telling a donor-conceived child of her or his conception.

The second is of an already-parent who has taken offense to the terms individuals use to describe their mothers and fathers.

And the third is of a donor-conceived child who laments discovering her or his father due to the conflictions that arise from a difficult situation.

Episode 21
May 18, 2015 08:55 AM PDT
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'My Story': On the difficulties of being donor-conceived and being told late.

'Who Am I?': An adopted child reveals the appalling reality of her birthparents.

'Pregnant With a Donor Baby and Feeling Scared': A pregnant mother of a donor-conceived child worries about the potential bias she will hold against the child.

Episode 20
May 04, 2015 08:22 PM PDT
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On relationships that were not as they should have been. In the first story, a child writes a donor explaining the meaning of 'father' and 'dad.'

The second features a father regretting the donation that lead to the deprivation of his child.

And the third is a story of parents who cannot overcome their abusive backgrounds, and negatively impact their children.

Episode 19
November 05, 2014 03:05 PM PST
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On Religion: A Donor-Conceived woman attending a religious institution describes her experiences.

Egg Donor Recipients: Two mothers-via-egg-donation speak to donor-conceived people about how to think of their parents.

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