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Episode 39
February 01, 2016 07:42 PM PST
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"All I Want for My Birthday": A donor-conceived child wishes for a conversation over coffee with her/his donor as a twenty-first birthday present.

"Don’t You DARE Hit MY Child!": Recounting an abusive incident from childhood, a donor-conceived individual posits the question of whether social fathers are more inclined to mistreat their donor-conceived offspring.

"Confused Donor": An egg donor finds the stories of donor children confusing and hesitatingly alarming as she considers her role in causing her children psychological hardship.

Episode 38
January 18, 2016 04:41 PM PST
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"10:22pm": In verse, a donor-conceived child expresses her/his discontentment regarding the contacting of donors and the difficulty in waiting for a response.

"I'm Not Your Real Father": An eighteen year old product of sperm donation recounts her/his struggles to seek the missing part of her/ his identity that lies in knowing her/his biological father.

"Re: Should I Go Down This Road?": Responding to a woman's query about informing her children of the truth of their conception, a donor-conceived child counsels her from the perspective of one with experience in the area of issue.

Episode 37
January 04, 2016 08:31 PM PST
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"If I Ever Told My Donor Another Thing It Would Be This:": A donor-conceived individual appeals to her/his sperm donor after he inaccurately assumes s/he desires an immediate and intimate connection.

"I Ate Less Tonight": After her/his mother snidely berates her/his body and eating habits, a donor-conceived child elaborates on the cause of the abuse, as it is a distraction from parental secrecy about siblings.

Podcast 36
December 21, 2015 07:28 AM PST
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“I Helped Start a Dozen Families”: A donor defends her/his donation by elaborating upon the pervasive anonymity of everyday life and human interaction.

“Found and Know My Own Bio Mom, Trying to Figure Out How to Support My Donor Conceived Child”: A mother who was adopted as a child comes to terms with raising a daughter that is donor conceived, and supporting her as she might one day search for her biological mother.

Episode 35
December 07, 2015 10:31 AM PST
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"I Shouldn't (and Don't Deserve) to Feel Alone": A donor-conceived student finds solidarity with a peer sharing a similar conception.

"No Longer Interested in DI": A man struggling with male factor infertility, despite the unrest his condition has caused within his life, chooses to forgo donor-conception on behalf of the potential offspring's well-being.

Episode 34
November 16, 2015 08:39 PM PST
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"To My Donor:": The looming possibility all donor children face regarding parental death becomes too much to bear after nightmares continue to occur of her/his biological father's dying.

"I Met the Child My Donation Made": An egg or sperm donor reflects on the uncomfortable experience of meeting biological offspring that desire an emotional connection.

"A Confession": After using an anonymous sperm donor, a social parent eventually uncovers his identity, and yet seems resolved in withholding it from his biological children indefinitely.

"It's Not About Me.": A donor-conceived individual enounces an observation that her/his social parents, and perhaps intoning broader implications, relied in vain upon donor-conception to solve or absolve their personal issues.

Episode 33
November 02, 2015 11:16 AM PST
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"I Am a Sperm Donor": A sperm donor relates his beliefs and opinions of the policies of the fertility industry, confessing his desire to contact his biological children.

"I Regret...": Following a diligent investigation into the identity of her/his biological father, a donor-conceived individual is disappointed in the result of the entire endeavor.

"The Good and the Bad": A donor-conceived child contacts her/his biological father and is, for a time, encouraged to believe contact will be lasting; however, this hope is destroyed as complications develop within the relationship.

Episode 32
October 23, 2015 08:59 AM PDT
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"The Truth and Miracles": A prospective father defends his perspective that donor-children cannot thoroughly comprehend the struggles undergone by infertile couples.

"To Any Parent That Thinks Their Donor Conceived Child Simply Doesn’t Care": A donor-conceived woman deplores her mother's lack of understanding in regards to her biological father, as well as her anguish in being deprived of her biological family..

Episode 31
October 05, 2015 06:38 PM PDT
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"Found": After discovering her/his biological mother and witnessing the similarities both externally and internally, a donor-conceived individual grapples with when to make contact, if at all.

"We Adopted Instead": An adoptive mother implores others considering donor-conception as an option to instead adopt; why create a child when one already exists in dire need of aid?

"My Clan": An elderly man boasts of his many children through sperm-donation and elucidates on his maneuvering around clinic standards of donor age and child quota.

Episode 30
September 21, 2015 07:25 PM PDT
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"Confused and Out of Place": A donor-conceived child struggles with a social mother that refuses to aid her in the search for her biological mother.

"I Finally Found You": After seven years of searching, a donor-conceived child finally discovers the identity of her/his donor, but soon after the contact is disappointed with the emotionally complex results.

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